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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you look at the Frequently Asked Questions we wanted to make sure you understand a few things. The main thing to remember if you have never rented a private vacation home before is that renting a vacation home is not like renting a hotel room. All of our homes are “Self Catering” which means that there is no daily maid service, no on site maintenance man, etc. Each home has a full kitchen if you want to prepare meals for your family. Each home also has a washer and dryer which you can freely use during your stay. Each home will have courtesy soaps and toilet paper to get you started but will not have daily consumables such as laundry detergent or dishwasher soap. Each home is inspected by the manager prior to your arrival so we know what problems there are, if any. Please supervise your children to prevent damage or problems. Maintenance issues, such as clogged drains, that were caused by misuse, could incur a service fee which will be charged to you. We don’t want to scare you and it is rare that things like this happen but we do want you to use common sense at the villa. We understand that homes require maintenance and repairs and the manager is always available if you truly have a problem and need help, but the manager and owner should not have to pay for something that was caused by your negligence. If you don’t understand how something is supposed to work PLEASE refer to the home book OR call the manager BEFORE using it. That’s Simple Enough!!

Below are Frequently Asked Questions from other vacationers. We hope these help with your travel plans.

Q. Will we need pool heat?

A. It depends. During the hot summer months most people don’t want pool heat. Even though the pool can feel a little cool when you first get in, it becomes very nice after a couple of minutes during June – August. Winter months from late October to late March you definitely will want pool heat. Just because our homes are in Florida, which is supposed to be warm, the water temperature can get frigid, NOT something you will want to swim in unless you’re a polar bear. Even south facing pools will be too cold to enjoy during the winter months. During the months of fall and spring most people still want pool heat because the water can still be too cold. Paying the extra cost for pool heat is well worth it. Top Of Page

Q. Will pool heat be enough?

A. During winter months, pool heaters will generally heat the water temperature to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If the air temperature, however, drops to 55° degrees or less, even though the heaters operate for longer hours than in warmer weather, they will not be very effective and the water temperature will not reach a comfortable level. We regret that in these circumstances a refund of part or all of the pool heat charge is not possible and your understanding of this is important when ordering pool heat. Generally speaking pool heaters will only warm a pool about 15° – 20° degrees warmer than the ambient air temperature, IF you use the pool blanket. This means that if the highest temperature during the day is 70° degrees then the pool should reach 85° degrees. This is not an exact science and should only be used as a guide. Be sure to use the pool blanket at night or you could loose a significant amount of pool warmth overnight. Using the pool blanket during the day, when you are not in the pool, will help keep the pool comfortable for swimming. Top Of Page

Q. The house I’m renting has a spa. What will the spa temperature be?

A. There are two main types of spas and here are the differences.

  1. Spas in most vacation homes in the Orlando area (as part of the pool deck) function differently than what you would call a hot tub and you should not expect dramatic differences between pool temperatures and spa temperatures. Spas that are part of the pool deck (concrete construction) are considered “water features” and do not usually function as true spas or hot tubs do. Also, these types of spas do not produce bubbles. Please contact the manager with questions and for instructions on use of these types of spas.
  2. Stand alone spas will have separate controls from the pool equipment and the temperature difference, from pool temperatures, will be noticeable.

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE POOL OR SPA TEMPERATURES because they can be affected by air temperatures and prevailing weather conditions – See the question above about “pool heat”. Top Of Page

Q. Is Spa Heat Free?

A. No – Spa heat is not free unless indicated in the property page description and price chart of the same page. Spas that are part of the pool deck use the same heater as the pool system (a single heater). Because there is only one heater you must pay for pool heat to have heat in the spa. PLEASE NOTE: see the question directly above about spa temperatures. Top Of Page

Q. What is the address of the home?

A. For security reasons we can not give out the exact address of our homes until your reservation is paid in full. Once we receive your balance or full payment we will provide you with driving directions, a small map to find the home, management contact information, villa phone number, lock and alarm codes for your stay, etc. Top Of Page

Q. Will you accept Service Animals?

A. Although service animals aren’t exactly pets they are still animals. Homes that accept animals require different handling and more cleaning. This is still true of service animals. Because some of our guests are allergic to animals, pet fur or pet dander, we can only accept service animals in our “Pet Friendly Homes”. We must keep the welfare of all our guests in mind. We may elect to waive the pet fee for guests with a service animal, as long as you provide us with a copy of the service animals certification and have your vet complete our standard forms. We must be notified that you have a service animal at the time of your reservation. Top Of Page

Q. What is the Booking Process?

A. You can book any of our homes securely online by selecting the arrival and departure dates on the property calendar page. Once you’ve selected your arrival and departure dates, a form will appear with the pricing for your dates and options to choose from. You must choose whether you want Accidental Damage Insurance with a $300 security hold OR pay a security deposit of $700. If your arrival date is more than 8 weeks away you will only pay a reservation deposit of 30% of the base reservation amount, which is displayed in the pricing. If your arrival date is less than 8 weeks away you will pay the full amount, less the security hold or deposit, which is due 3 days before arrival. Once you’ve filled out the form completely, select “Online Secure Credit Card” from the Payment Method. Tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions and then click the “Booking” button. The form will refresh so you can review your choices. If you are satisfied click the “Booking” button again and review your reservation once more in our secure shopping cart. Click the “Continue” button to go to the last step and enter your credit card information.

If you prefer to reserve by phone we are happy to do that. Just give us a call and we will gladly reserve the home you want. Top Of Page

Q. How do you handle the security deposit?

A. You must choose between Accidental Damage Insurance with a $300 Security HOLD against your credit card, OR paying a Security Deposit of $1500 instead of purchasing the Accidental Damage Insurance.

We require a valid credit card on file during your stay, regardless whether you are paying a deposit or hold. The Security Hold is only an authorization on your card for $300 but it will reduce your available credit by that amount. Assuming there are no intentional damage or abuse, the hold will simply expire after your departure, but can take up to 30 days from when it was applied. The number of days before it expires is determined by your card issuing bank and is out of our control. Please note that Holds will not show up on your statement because they are not actual charges. If there are issues during your stay that are beyond the scope of the Damage Protection Insurance, we will make a charge against the $300 hold.

In contrast the Security Deposit is a charge to your card in the amount of $1500.  If there are no damages or other issues during your stay we will Refund the security deposit, in full, after your departure. If there are damages or other issues during your stay, we will deduct those amounts from the $1500 security deposit and refund the remaining amount. The security deposit is due when your balance is due. Top Of Page

Q. What is damage protection coverage?

A. Accidents happen and we realize this. We charge a small fee to cover costs related to accidental damages. This protects you for up to $3,000 in accidental damages. For example: if you drop a glass on a ceramic tile floor and it cracks the tile then the cost to repair it could easily be $200 or more – you’re covered. If you break a window blind costing $100 – you’re covered. We don’t like having to withhold security deposit monies from guests. It’s unpleasant for both sides. Families with children know that accidents are practically a way of life, and they can happen, but this protects you, the guest, and the villa owner’s property, to make sure that it’s always in top shape. PLEASE NOTE: this coverage does not take the place of the security deposit or eliminate it. This coverage does not cover abuse or intentional damages, etc. Please see the question above for information on security deposits. Accidental Damage Protection is well worth the price if for no other reason than for peace of mind. Top Of Page

Q. Do you have a minimum night requirement?

A. Yes. For normal periods (low and mid season) we require 3 nights equivalent stay. A couple of homes require a 5 night minimum stay (this will be indicated in the rate chart on the property page.) For Peak Periods, such as Christmas, New Years, Spring Break and Easter we require 7 nights equivalent stay. For these peak periods most owners will only accept reservations that start and end on a Saturday or Sunday unless your stay is for longer than 7 or 8 nights. Some owners require 7 nights minimum for Summer dates also. The exception to the 7 night rule is that if we have dates booked that leave a short gap then we will fill the gap between the 2 longer bookings.

Please understand that these are private homes, not hotel rooms, so requirements and policies are somewhat determined by the owner and we have to respect their wishes. They are also free to take their own reservations for their own home and if we take a booking at the same time and for the same dates that they take for their own booking then their booking has precedence over ours. If that happens we will know shortly after receiving or taking your reservation and will help you try to select another home from our inventory. Top Of Page

Q. What if I only want to stay 2 nights?

A. You can still reserve a home even if you stay for only 2 nights BUT you will pay the equivalent of 3 nights. This does not apply to Peak Periods which require longer stays. Top Of Page

Q. Can I change to a larger home if more people want to come?

A. Once your final balance has been paid we will NOT be able to move you to another home. Please remember that these homes are privately owned homes by people just like you. They are not hotels or all owned by a single individual or organization. When you reserve a home you are reserving that particular home and the owner is expecting to be paid. They have set it aside for you and don’t take other inquiries for the dates you reserved – effectively removing it from marketing. If you change your plans, including adding or subtracting the number of guests in a home to the point that you need a larger or smaller home, the owner has every right to retain the reservation deposit. There is a minimum charge of $100 to move you to another home (if the owner agrees to the move.) This charge helps to offset loss of potential bookings or opportunities. Top Of Page

Q. How soon do I need to return the completed contract?

A. You must return the completed contract with 72 hours of making your reservation. This includes the complete list of all guests, and their ages, staying in the villa. If we don’t receive your completed contract with that time frame your reservation can be canceled without refund of the reservation deposit. Top Of Page

Q. How old do I have to be to reserve a home?

A. Minimum age to reserve is 21 years old and they have to be part of the group who occupy the home or have someone else who is older with them. In other words, if the oldest person in your group who is staying in the house is less than 21 then you will not be able to reserve a home. We screen our guests to determine group profile and the state and counties require a list of all persons staying in our homes. This is part of our Terms and Conditions Contract that you must complete and return to us ASAP after making your reservation. Top Of Page

Q. Will we need to clean the villa?

A. It takes 4-6 hours to properly prepare a home for the next guest. It is very important that you leave the home on time. If you would like a late check out please call us and we will let you know if late check out is possible! We do not expect you to completely clean the home, but please leave the home neat and tidy. Strip all used linens and please leave the pile of linens on each bed for the housekeeper to start, it will be greatly appreciated! Please load and start the dishwasher with automatic dish washing soap (don’t leave unclean dishes in the sink or on the counter and don’t put dirty dishes away as if they were clean). Bag all trash (no loose trash) and place all trash in the bins. Shut off the lights, lock the doors and have a safe journey back home. We look forward to seeing you on your next Florida vacation. We also hope that you will tell your friends about us! Top Of Page

Q. If we don’t do any cleaning will we be charged?

A. Some guests think that if they pay for a home they have no responsibilities. That is not true. If you use every towel in the house or change all the bed linens and don’t do any laundry during a weeks stay and leave it all for the cleaner to do, just so you don’t have to buy a $6 bottle of laundry soap, then that is abuse and you will be charged for extra cleaning. Every home has a washer and dryer available and free for our guests to use. The same is true for the dishwasher. On occasion there have been guests who have put all the dishes in the dishwasher without detergent when they left and turned the dishwasher on, only to leave a dishwasher full of dirty dishes for the cleaner to have to re-wash. If a home requires extra cleaning because you left the home in a bad state then we will deduct an appropriate amount from your Security HOLD or security deposit. These homes are privately owned by people just like you. Please take care of the home and clean up after yourself as if it were your own home. Remember, just because you’re on vacation you are never on vacation from responsibility and comon courtesy. Top Of Page

Q. What about trash?

A. Trash has become a real problem. Some counties in the Disney area have reduced the number of days they pick up trash to one day per week. Because of this it is extremely important that you do everything you can to avoid having excess trash for pickup. This can easily be done if you simply dispose of all excess trash before you get back to the villa. Most managers have started charging guests a $25 fee to dispose of excess trash and many communities have started fining home owners whose guests have excess trash left out. ALL trash must be bagged and placed IN THE TRASH CAN for pick up. The trash can MUST be moved to the curb the night before scheduled pick up or it might get missed. NO trash can be outside the trash can or it won’t be picked up at all. We have not initiated a charge for this yet BUT if this continues to be a problem then we will have no choice but to follow the rest of the industry and start charging a trash disposal fee. With a little effort you can reduce the amount of trash you have in the villa to a little more than just kitchen trash. GOING GREEN takes effort, even when you’re on vacation!! Top Of Page

Q. When is the earliest I can check-in?

A. 4:00 PM. The homes are getting cleaned prior to that. Your designated lock code will not function until your specified arrival time. Top Of Page

Q. Can I get an early check-in?

A. Sorry but early check-in is generally not possible. Due to abuses by some guests you will not be able to check-in prior to 4PM. You will not be able to drop off your luggage early or hang out at the villa while the cleaner prepares the villa for your stay. Our cleaners have strict instructions not to allow guest access to any home while they are cleaning it. In rare cases we can allow early check-in but it is not routine. Any check-in that is 12 noon or earlier will incur a half day charge. Any check-in prior to 9 am will incur a full day charge. All other stipulations above still apply. Top Of Page

Q. When do I have to check-out?

A. 10:00 AM. To allow enough time for proper cleaning before the next guest arrives. Top Of Page

Q. Can I get a late check-out?

A. Sorry but late check-out is not possible due to cleaning schedules. Due to abuses by some guests you MUST vacate the villa no later than 10AM. You can not stay while the cleaner is cleaning. Failure to depart by 10AM will incur a proportionate fee against your Security HOLD with a minimum charge of $75. You will not be allowed to leave your luggage at the villa for pick-up later. Top Of Page

Q. What if I have to cancel?

A. Please see our Terms and Conditions Contract for our cancellation policy. We recommend that our guests obtain travel insurance which covers trip cancellation. Top Of Page

Q. What if you cancel on me?

A. For 11 years we have not had to cancel on anyone and we hope that continues. In the event that a hurricane or some other type of natural disaster destroys the house you reserved, we will find alternate accommodations or refund your money, if the destruction occurs prior to your arrival. If you are forced to evacuate or destruction occurs during your stay, you will need to contact your travel insurance company to recover your loss. There are other circumstance that could make a home unavailable prior to your arrival – please refer to section 21 of our Terms and Conditions ContractTop Of Page

Q. What are the quality of the beds?

A. Bed quality will vary from home to home because these are privately owned vacation homes and the owners have purchased the beds themselves. We advise the owners on beds that we feel need to be replaced so bed quality is good BUT we can’t guarantee a good nights rest to anyone. On the first night most guests are just getting used to a new place and different bed so many times they don’t sleep well on the first night but will eventually settle in after a day or so and sleeping will be more normal. An exhausting day at the theme parks always helps our guests sleep better. Guests with bad backs should understand that beds in vacation homes are not designed to accommodate medical issues like bad backs so you should plan accordingly. Top Of Page

Q. How likely is it that a hurricane will hit Florida?

A. There are 3 main areas of concern for hurricane interruption. These are 1- the Gulf Coast states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, 2- Florida, including the Pan Handle, Keys and east and west coasts, 3- the East coast of the US, including Georgia, North and South Carolina, etc. Of these three areas of concern statistics have shown that Florida receives the least amount of hurricane interruption due to major hurricane impact. In other words, less major hurricanes hit Florida than the other two areas. Top Of Page

Q. What’s the difference between a regular home and an executive home?

A. Generally speaking executive homes offer more amenities than regular homes. This can include upgraded furniture, nicer decor, gated communities, game rooms, spas, BBQ grills, broadband internet and more. An executive home does not have to have all of the above amenities and can also have others. The bottom line is that executive homes are noticeably nicer and something you should consider to make your stay the most memorable possible. Some of our homes are borderline executive but still priced at a regular home rate. This makes them an even better deal. Top Of Page

Q. What do I do if I have a problem while I’m there?

A. Contact the property manager. You will have their contact information in your Final Confirmation documentation. Top Of Page

Q. What should my overall expectations be?

A. If you’re expecting 5 star hotel quality pampering then you should stay at one of Disney’s executive resorts. If you want executive quality at a bargain basement price then you will be disappointed. If you’re expecting a comfortable, private home that is well maintained and clean, but not “sterile”, then you will have a great vacation and enjoy the home you selected. We do our best to meet the highest expectations within the limits of vacation home rentals. Most of our homes have amenities that other “standard” homes don’t. This makes them an exceptional value, but Reasonable Expectations will serve you well. Top Of Page

Q. Will my tax exempt organization have to pay tax?

A. The state of Florida only recognizes organizations that are currently registered with the state of Florida as tax exempt. If your organization is an out of state tax exempt organization then you will have to register with the state of Florida. Once you have done that you will need to provide us with a copy of your tax exempt certificate as well as your documentation from the state of Florida. Top Of Page

Q. What do I do if something is wrong when I arrive?

A. CALL THE MANAGER right away. They are listed in the Final Confirmation email attachment called “RentDoc”. If there is a problem they must be notified BEFORE you do anything. Top Of Page

Q. Where can I get a great web site like this?

A. We are professional web developers and also work with the best in the business. For great hosting click the link to the left. If you’re a property manager looking for a great system like we have please contact us directly. We would be happy to help you “get on the map”. Top Of Page

Q. What if I have more guests than the max capacity of the home?

A. Over capacity can cost you BIG TIME. You can lose your Security HOLD/Deposit or be evicted without refund or both. If your contract lists less guests than what you actually have – this is a breach of contract as it is a false statement on your part. ALL guests staying in the home, including children and infants, MUST be listed on the contract, including their ages. Maximum capacities of each home are regulated by local and state agencies so it is a serious thing. If your group expands after you make your initial reservation and is more than the maximum capacity of the home you will have to select a larger home or add another home for your excess guests. If you have to move to a larger home a transfer fee of $100 will be added to your overall reservation. Our ability to offer a larger home is limited by availability. Cancellation is still subject to our cancellation policy. Maximum capacities ARE enforced.

PLEASE NOTE: Our staff manager has the right to demand a head count of your entire group at any time during your stay. ALSO, many of our vacation homes have outside video surveillance that the owner monitors specifically for the number of people entering their home. Over capacity gets reported to us by them also.  Top Of Page

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