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If I have to summarize our House Rules then it can be done in just those two words – Common Courtesy!

Over the years we have had a wide range of guests, from wonderful guest we love to have return again and again to others that we wish we never met. Guests who respect our homes and take care of them during their stay, we welcome with open arms. Guests who abuse our homes and cause damage, etc., we don’t want to come back.

Each of our homes is privately owned by everyday people just like you. Most of the owners have purchased their homes to be able to enjoy vacationing to the Disney area when they can. Most owners are realistic with their expectations and only hope to partially subsidize their own vacation and hopefully pay their ownership costs. Even though they have invested a lot of money in the purchase of their vacation home most owners only hope to make enough money to pay the expenses and that is usually all they can hope for. Vacation homes are not “cash cows” as there are a lot of expenses with owning a vacation home.

Character Values

If you have respect for other people and their property AND you teach your children to respect other people and be responsible, then you are the kind of guests we love. If don’t respect other people or their property or if you damage things and refuse to take responsibility your actions, then please don’t call us or stay in our homes.

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you are on vacation from respect, responsibility or reality.

Responsibility and Respect NEVER GO ON VACATION!!! 

Don’t Get Black Listed

Abuse and damage will cost you BIG TIME. If you are the kind of guest that causes damages, tries to pass it off and won’t take responsibility, you will be black listed and we will not rent to you again. In addition we may also share our experience with other managers who will also black list you. Need I say more?

The Bottom Line is take care of the home you stay in. Be responsible and respectful of the home you’re staying in and teach your children to do the same. If you can’t or won’t do that then go somewhere else!!

For more details please see our FAQ page or our Terms And Conditions.

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