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If you own a vacation home in the Disney World area and are looking for professional vacation property management then look no further. SunKiss Villas offers professional Vacation Property Management Services to provide the best to vacation home owners. If you’re not happy with your current manager or you aren’t getting the bookings you had hoped for, you owe it to yourself to talk with us. We handle all aspects of Vacation Property Management including: Property Management - Vacation Rentals Near Disney World
  • Lawn Care
  • Pool Care
  • Pest Control
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Departure Cleans
  • Licensing
  • Accounting Services (CPA)
  • Sales and Tourist Development Tax Reporting
  • 24 hour guest emergency contact phone #
  • Villa photography

You can be sure your vacation home is being looked after properly and any guests staying in your home are being cared for and professionally tended to regardless whether its your own guest or one of ours. Your guests are the life blood of your vacation home and we want them to have a wonderful experience in your home so they will return again and again.

We keep our owners informed about all things relating to their vacation home. We provide monthly vacation property management statements that are on time, accurate and easy to read and understand. In addition we keep our owners up to date with anything related to their home, such as needed repairs, potential problems and recommendations to improve rent-ability. From time to time we also produce an owners newsletter that highlights market trends as well as fun things to see and do.

We have heard numerous management horror stories from owners over the years so here is a list of things we won’t do:

  • We don’t charge you for your own rentals. Many managers charge an administrative fee to owners to record owner bookings. Many times this is because the manager subscribes to an online reservation system that costs them money to operate, such as blocking dates for owner bookings. The managers then pass this cost on to their owners. We don’t subscribe to an online booking system because we have our very own, dedicated system.
  • We don’t charge a call out fee. If a guest calls with an issue that requires a visit to your home, we won’t charge you a call out fee. We don’t charge for every little thing, such as light bulbs and batteries, etc, as long as you have a supply we can draw from.We only charge for true repairs, when they are needed.
  • We will never put guests in your home without telling you!!
  • We will never remove towels or linens from your home to wash off site. Some managers do consolidated laundry which makes things easier for them but bad for the owner. A typical scenario is you buy nice new sheets for all your beds but when you come back to your vacation home you can’t find any of the beautiful linens you just spent a bundle of money on. When you confront the manager they can’t answer your question of ‘Where are the sheets I just bought for my home?’ I’m sorry to say we hear this much too often.

In addition to vacation property management and care of your vacation home we can also provide bookings for your home. We are Vacation Home Marketing professionals with extensive experience in Web Development, Internet Marketing, Social Media and much more.

The vacation home industry has changed dramatically over the last several years and marketing has become more challenging. In today’s market it is critical to have a variety of sources for bookings. That is why SunKiss Villas maintains relationships with many resources.

We will only accept a limited number of homes for property management and bookings, based on the level of inquiries and bookings we receive. That way our villas are more fully booked and our owners are happier with the results.

Davenport Property Management

Although we may elect to take on your home for vacation property management, in order to be considered for inclusion for bookings, your vacation home must meet minimum standards which we are happy to provide to you for review. If your home does not meet our minimum standards we may still manage your home for you but we will not place bookings in your home until it is brought up to standard. We will also need to view the home and assess the condition in all aspects. In order to meet guest expectations all of our homes must be high quality and well maintained. You only get one chance to make a first impression so the homes we take for vacation property management and bookings must reflect our quality. Our reputation as property managers is on the line so we can’t impress enough the importance of quality in your home. We are more than happy to help you make your home the best it can be with improvement services we offer.

We will consider all size homes but we are specifically looking to add a few more 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 6 bedroom homes to our inventory. We get many inquiries for these size homes but don’t have the inventory to offer our prospective guests.

  • Formosa Gardens
  • Windsor Hills
  • Emerald Island
  • Sunset Lakes
  • West Kissimmee Communities
  • We will consider homes in North Davenport and South Clermont areas

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