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You may have taken photos of your vacation home or rental yourself but are not happy with the results. Or maybe you just don’t have the time or the “eye” to take good photos. Or maybe you don’t have the right camera equipment or software to make your pictures look good BUT you want to take your photos to the next level. You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but a Great Picture is worth a lot more. If you realize that fact then you might be ready for our Vacation Home Photography Services.

Whether you’re an individual property owner or a manager with a few hundred homes or units, we’ve got you covered. We offer Vacation Home Photography Services to individual property owners, property managers and realtors.

Although our focus area is the Disney, Orlando area we will travel worldwide to do photo shoots.

The size of the home will determine how many photos we take of your home but we don’t set a limit on the number of photos we will take. We will do what we need to in order to get good results. Sometimes this may require us to take several photos before we feel we have the best shot. We will take multiple photos of each room of your home as well as exterior shots. We will also take shots of views if applicable. One of our typical shoots of a vacation home with private pool in the Orlando area will have 50-60 photos but we will take more photos if we feel we need to in order to get the results we want. Areal shots, by use of drone, are also available for an additional fee (limitations to use of areal drone apply.)

Vacation Home Photography

Virtual Tours were very popular but have lost their appeal over the last several years in favor to regular vacation home photography. This is due to a few issues. The first is that virtual tours are large files and load slower. The second issues was that virtual tours also require browser add-ons or plugins to run and with the concern of viruses many people were reluctant to download these plugins. Another reason was that the technology to create virtual tours was not standardized meaning that there were different plugins for each variation of virtual tour. The most important change came with the introduction of Video Virtual tour or Video Panorama. The technology was simply a video file and the standard was to make it compatible with Youtube. This gave it the ability to be viewed by the largest audience.

We offer Video Tour as an add on to vacation home photography services but we only recommend it for showcase homes. These are home that have been professionally staged and decorated. Although video tours are great to be able to show the home quickly and with great detail due to HD technology, they can also show flaws that won’t show up in regular vacation home photography because we can avoid the problem shots. A panoramic video will show a much larger part of the room. If the home or resort has been properly staged then video tours can make a significant impact on presentation.

Vacation Home Photography Staging

“Staging” is a photography term for setting up for a shoot. It refers to setting the environment or “stage” to make it appealing. Staging can take time and increases your cost so we recommend that owners or managers do the staging, if they can. If you are not able to do staging due to time or distance constraints we can provide as part of your vacation home photography shoot. Staging can include place settings on the tables, various decorations or accents to enhance the shot, pool furniture arrangement, etc. The goal is to create “inviting photos” of your home. If we provide staging services for you we offer the following options:

  • We will stage your home with items currently in your home. In other words we will make place settings and table arrangements, place decorations, etc. with what we find “on hand” in your home. The normal cost for this ranges from $25 – $50 but can go higher on large homes.
  • We will stage your home with items you don’t have on-hand. What this entails is viewing your home first, either physically or by photos provided by you, so we can assess what is needed. Then we will locally purchase items to decorate and enhance your home for staging purposes which can include place settings, table center pieces, floral arrangements, pool toys and table settings or any number of loose items that are not attached to walls, furniture or floor. After the shoot these staging items are left in your home. This option is only limited by your budget.

Professional Vacation Home Photography

Once we finished the vacation home photography shoot we will process all photos and burn them to a Photo CD. The photo CD will have several folders with various sizes of the photos. This will make it is easier for you to use photos for various services. Full size photos are 4288 x 2848 pixels. If you require higher quality photos for use on a poster or advertising please let us know in advance as larger photos take longer to process and therefore incur additional costs to you. We can also provide, on the same photo CD, a video slideshow presentation, complete with background music, that you can use on Youtube or other online video services (optional).

Before we send the photo CD we will email you a small selection of photos for you to preview (watermarked). Upon your complete payment for services we will mail the photo CD to you.

Vacation Home Photography Pricing And Options

  • Condo – $125
  • Vacation Home with pool – $200
  • Large Home with pool (over 4000 sqft) – $250 & Up
  • Staging (with your items) – $25 – $50 (typical)
  • Staging (we provide items) – Priced on request
  • Video Slideshow presentation – $100
  • Resort Photos – Priced on request
  • Video Tour – $200 & Up
  • Areal views (by drone) – $500 & Up (This option has limits to its use and may not be appropriate in all situations. We are responsible photographers and will not provide this option if we feel it will be a violation of an adjacent property’s privacy.)

The above vacation home photography pricing includes travel costs for most of the Disney, Orlando area.

Extended Area Or Overseas Vacation Home Photography

We are happy to provide Vacation Home Photography services outside the Orlando area for additional travel fees. Travel costs are priced at actual cost (airfare, equipment shipping, car rental, etc.) plus travel time expense at $25 per hour (actual air or road time only.) Lodging is also charged for but you may prefer to have us stay in your vacation unit which can be a great savings for managers with multiple units. Travel costs must be paid for in advance.

Photography Service Discounts

If you have multiple units in the same area that you want photographed we will offer you volume discounts because we will be able to take photos of more units in a shorter period of time. Contact us with your details.

SunKiss Villas Owners

If your home is managed by SunKiss Villas, Inc. you are also entitled to vacation home photography service discounts at 25%  or more off the above rates. Contact us for details.

SunKiss Villas will take photos of vacation homes we manage for use in our own marketing efforts to acquire bookings for your home BUT you may not download, copy, save or store photos taken by SunKiss Villas staff unless you have paid for separate photography services and have received a photo CD. You may not use photos on SunKiss Villas websites for use in your own advertising. More Details Here.

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